Saturday, 15 June 2013

Life's Diary, Last Page.

Life's diary,
last page,
old age,
pains rage.
Been there,
wiser; a sage?

“Not your day”,
what they say.
My day?
I had many a day;
worked hard,
played hard,
long time in graveyard.

When young,
Got noticed,
flung dung from tongue.

Now old,
loose skin round chin,
and most everything.
NOT! Good looking;
now listening.

Watery red eyes,
seen it all,
blue and dark sky's.


Any Age,
Any Nation,
One Race,

Keep pace.

Friday, 7 June 2013

The Dodo Hunter.

There was a Dodo hunter,
a man of guile and stealth.
BUT! He could not find a dodo,
it began to effect his wealth.

He went into the Job Centre
to register for work;
'As a Dodo hunter?'
The clerk asked,
'get out of here you burk'!

says he,
 'I would like some more respect!
 I'm not lazy,
 I'll work,
 and never,
 be kept!
It's work I want,
 and work I'll get,
 in the job I knows...'

The Clerk looked up, astonished,
'here's a job, shooting nuisance crows.'
he yelled, 'I want a challenge;
Dodo's are MY game.'
Crows are easy, they come so close,
they may as well be tame!'

'Have you ever seen a Dodo?'
the puzzled desk clerk asked.
'I only glimpsed one...
that is the challenge;
makes my job a difficult task.'

'Well I have to tell you sir,
Dodo's are extinct-'
'-No they're  not-'
'-Yes they are!'-
I'd have got one; but I blinked!'

'Where was this, I ask you?'
'I don't like your attitude,
do your job, find me a job;
You have no right to be so rude!'

The Dodo hunter walked away,
slamming the Job Centre door.
'I'll show you,'
  he muttered to himself,
'what a jobs-worth;
Nowt but a desk-bound bore!'

He was back the next day. TRIUMPHANT!
 carrying a bulging sack ,
He said excitedly,
'Remember me?
 Well here I am, I'm back'!

'Oh no! Not you?
What can I do?
How to help you,
 I've not a clue.'

The hunter slammed the sack down on the Desk Clerks desk,
'Take a look in that,
we caught it yesterday,
 at dusk;
me and my faithful cat!'

The Desk Clerk poked the sack,
 with his Biro pen,
'It cannot be a Dodo;
 they don't exist,
it's probably a farmyard hen.'

'It's a Dodo clever dick,
we tempted it with carrot and stick...'
'Carrot and stick?'
'Stick and carrot, carrot and stick,
I used corn; are you thick?'

The Clerk took a peek in the sack,
 he jumped back.
'Well I don't know whether you used a stick and carrot,
 but to me that looks like a deceased parrot!'

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About me.I like to laugh, so I have written this blog to make everyone laugh.

About me.I like to laugh, so I have written this blog to make everyone laugh.
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