Friday, 1 July 2011

Humpty Horace.

Humpty, Humpty Horace, the camel from Abber Dabber Doo,
was standing one day at an oasis, having a leisurely chew,
when a giant of a gnat came and bit him;
causing poor Horace such pain, that he shot off across the desert,
and swore he'd never go there again.
Poor Humpty, Humpty Horace; no wonder he's taken the hump,
Not only has he got two humps on his back, he also has a painful lump.

Micky Mog and Big Pat.

A mangy moggie called Micky Mog
would fight with anything; even a dog.
A great big dog, who they called Big Pat
never did like that mangy cat.
So she waited in ambush behind a log,
thinking to herself, 'I'm a clever dog.'

But Micky did what most cats do,
he jumped on a log to get a good view.
He spotted Pat crouched there, having a titter,
jumped  on her back stuck his claws in and bit her.

The pain and shock put Pat to flight;
she ran and ran until out of sight.
Micky hung on all the way,
Shouting things like, Yahoo, yee, hoolay!"

I don't know what happened after that,
because there's been no sighting of dog nor cat.

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