Wednesday, 9 February 2011

The Lib Cons, Dem Crap... Rap.

The government are not being fare,
They make tuition much too dare,
They want it like the bad old times...
F**k I can't think of owt that rhymes.
Dem Lib Cons? they is crap.
Lets Rap!
Rich dudes is so up all dem selves,
they want us all filling their shop shelves.
Whilst they go to Uni and row boats
and walk around in dem blazer coats
Al that shit do my head in
I on the street aint that a sin?
We go down whilst they go up,
we sit around with our begging cup.
Only shelter I got is Hood...
Not good.

The Pensioners Rap for Dad Dancers.

I'm going to have a shout at rap,
close this yawning generation gap.
I'm 70 and  up for it.
lets have a go,
we'll strut our stuff in the hood,
that's good.
We have our soul,
 and rock and roll
Now live in this time, talk in rhyme,
lets have a go; Yo!
We all have our point of view,
Now it's their time give them their due,
let go, Yo!
Come on you Dads, here's your chance
strut your stuff take a stance shout at the pensioners rapping dance ...

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